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Sarah Urrutia
Reiki Master Certified



Reiki is composed of two Japanese words that signify ki energy and vital universal Rei. The Reiki technique is based on providing health by receiving the vital energy of the universe. (life force energy)
Dr. Mikao Usui spent his life preoccupied with the health of the people and was in search of wisdom in India and Tibet. Knowing the traditional medicine and the natural Japanese culture, he continued in this search until finding the answers he sought. He received symbols which he used as a method of natural health with movements of the energy in the capital of Kyoto, where he opened his school, which he named Reiki Ryoho Gakaii. Dr. Usui taught Dr. Hayashi, and asked him to continue the school as he had done. The teacher transmitted to student all the spiritual knowledge of Reiki and in 1925 it was Mrs. Takata who brought Reiki to the west. In 1926, Dr. Usui died of a cardiac infarction.

El Dr. Mikao Usui,  vivió ocupándose  por la salud de las personas estuvo  en la búsqueda de sabiduría en la India, en el Tibet y  conociendo la medicina tradicional y natural de su cultura japonesa, continúo en la búsqueda hasta encontrar la respuesta:

 El recibió símbolos que  fue  conformándolos como método de sanación natural con el movimiento de la energía.

 en la capital Kioto donde abrió su escuela que llamo Reiki Ryoho Gakaii . El Dr. Mikao Usui enseña al Dr. Hayashi , a quien le pide continua la escuela tal como el lo hace, trasmitiendo de  maestro a alumno toda la sabiduría espiritual de Reiki en 1925 es la Sra. Takata quien trae Reiki al occidente.,,,

 En 1926 Usui muere de un infarto al corazón.


 La energía del universo pasa a través de las manos de practicante de Reiki  y es absorbida por el paciente en las cantidades necesarias Durante una hora la persona permanece vestida sobre una cama de masaje y el Reikista pasa las manos de cabeza a pies liberando la energía que bloquea el perfecto funcionamiento.

 Cuando la persona se relaja, suelta la tensión del cuerpo físico, libera la mente de pensamientos y permite que la energía realice libremente la sanación, la mayoría de las personas se duerme, recuperando así  la vitalidad perdida.




The energy of the universe passes through the hands of the practitioner of Reiki and is absorbed by the patient in the necessary quantities. During the hour, the person remains dressed on top of a massage bed and the Reiki practitioner passes the hands from the head to the feet, liberating the energy that blocks the perfect functioning. When the person relaxes himself or herself, the tension of the physical body is loosened, liberating the mind of thoughts and allows the energy to take over freely, thereby recuperating health. The majority of people fall asleep and recover the lost vitality.


With Reiki, the person acquires profound states of relaxation, and reaches the equilibrium and peace of the emotional and spiritual level. It gets rid of stress, anxiety, the sadness, the vacuum feeling of the heart, helps to close cycles in his or her life, to process the losses, and deal with separation and death. At a spiritual level, it can be a road for his or her personal growth at a physical level. It liberates the muscular tension and equalizes the two parts of the brain, and eliminates insomnia, strengthens the immune system, restores the strength of the lymphatic system, establishes the proper sugar level, normalizes the cardiac rhythms and blood pressure, regenerates tissue, stops cellular multiplication, and eliminates allergies. It reorganizes the functioning of the digestive system, preventing disequilibrium of the spleen, vessels, pancreas, duodenum, preventing gastritis, colitis, etc. With Reiki, you can stop a hemorrhage, can speed up postoperative recovery, and alleviate any physical pain. At a mental level, it restores the altered state of energy in the neuronal connections. It improves concentration and attention. It revitalizes the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. It increases the energy and sensory and extrasensory endings.It reactivates the natural abilities, which connects it essence with the usage of serenity and in peace with its own energy. This is all related to the intellect, creativity, intuition, and knowledge of the heart, and activates the thymus gland.

 At the psychological and emotional levels, it reduces aggressiveness and elevates compassion. It increases self-esteem, helps one to better get along with the boss and helps the nonattentive. Because Reiki is alternative medicine, it will help get rid of the side-effects of medications without impacting their effectiveness.




 Con Reiki la persona  adquiere profundos estados de relajación, alcanza el equilibrio y la paz

  A nivel emocional y espiritual.

  Libera el estrés, la angustia, la ansiedad, la tristeza, el vacio del corazón, le ayuda a cerrar ciclos en su vida, a procesar las perdidas, separación y el duelo.

 A nivel espiritual  puede ser un camino para su crecimiento personal.



The courses are taught in three levels. At the first level, you learn the methodology and the self-healing and you can function with this energy that will never be lost.

On a second level, you will receive more frequently the vibrations which you already received from the first level. You will learn how to direct the energy and the method to get healthy at a distant.

At the third level, you learn how to live harmoniously with your yourself, to maintain self-balance, and be compassionate with every living being.

The master level exists, where the Reiki practitioner, with already months of experience, decides to help more people by teaching the methods that Dr. Usui left us. Upon finishing each course, a certificate is received.


  Libera la tensión muscular, Equilibra las dos partes del cerebro, Desaparece el insomnio Fortalece el sistema inmune. Restaura la fuerza del sistema linfático, Estabiliza el nivel de azúcar, armoniza el ritmo cardiaco, nivela la presión arterial, regenera tejidos y detiene la multiplicación celular.

Estabiliza los estados alterados por alergia Reorganiza el funcionamiento del aparato digestivo, evitando así el desequilibrio de la vesícula biliar, el vaso, el páncreas, el duodeno, evitando la gastritis, colitis, etc.

Con Reiki puedes detener una hemorragia, ayudar a la pronta recuperación postoperatoria. Y ALIVIAR cualquier dolor físico.

A nivel mental.

Restaura el estado alterado de energía en las conexiones neuronales, Eleva la concentración y atención. Revitaliza la  glándula pituitaria, hipófisis y el hipotálamo. Eleva la frecuencia energética en terminaciones sensoriales y extrasensoriales. Se reactivan las habilidades naturales que conectan su esencia con la utilización serena y en paz de su propia energía, esto es todo lo relacionado con el intelecto, la creatividad, la intuición y sabiduría del corazón, activando la glándula del Timo.

A nivel  psicológico y emocional

Baja la agresividad y eleva la Compasión

Aumenta la autoestima haciendo consiente los patrones socializantes actividad y la carencia de atención En esta parte de  los beneficios cabe mencionar los medicamentos. Ya que Reiki es medicina alternativa esto ayudara a diluir los efectos secundarios de los medicamentos y no se interpone a la dosis.


She is a certified Reiki master of the Mexican school of Reiki Usui of Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico. Her preparation is from Reik Usui, Reiki Karuna, Reiki Jin Kei Do. Therapy with flowers of Bach.and Reiki Sei Kim in San Diego, Calif. She has a license as a therapeutic worker. At the present time she directs the Living Reiki Institute, where hundreds of people have passed through taking her courses, training, practice, receiving her certificates, which count for the preparation to practice as therapists and also even receive their masters degree. And people have gotten healthy with her Reiki treatments. Sarah Urrutia is an expert therapist who directs her sessions of Reiki
for the patient to achieve harmony and equilibrium in all aspects of life, eliminating in this way all negative elements that can affect the health, mental, and physical well-being, the spiritual, such as the thinking, sentiments, and emotions that are accumulating in the patient. She has helped hundreds of people acquire a quality of life, peace, health, and well-being. She is a dedicated human being. She is young and has helped in community services and worked for the benefit of people, activities, and spectacles to benefit educational centers. She has the title of pre-scholar, master, and specialist in speech problems, has given attention to parents and family, and given personal consultations. She is dedicated to the health with Reiki. She has collaborated with a Woman's Wellness Center. She has given Reiki to recuperation centers to help older adults. She has practiced Reiki on persons with cancer at the Center for Oncology and Radiology at UCSD at Eastlake. She collaborates with health centers by giving conferences. She is a an active member of the International Association of Reiki and the Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce.


 "Ayashiku-nai, Okshiku-nai Muzukashiku-nai, Nothing mysterious, Nothing rare. Nothing difficult."


Every human being will find himself or herself with his or her real essence, illuminating pain and suffering, recuperating the conscious, peace, and the love. THROUGH LIVING YOUR OWN ACTIVATION AND UNIVERSAL VITAL ENERGY. The animals, plants, and every being with energy can vibrate in harmony and well-being.


To spread our knowledge that we inherited from the lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui, transmitting from Teacher to Student the Reiki Method. To contribute to the formation of better human beings,
so they can live in perfect harmony with the universe. Preparing practitioners of Reiki so they can recuperate the health of all the living.


The training courses contain the agenda to be covered at each level, to cover the section on theory, practice with a minimum of eight hours. initiation ceremony, and certificates to be distributed.
To be continued at home, the section on how to cure yourself and to live by the principles of Reiki.
The practice of self-treatment and service to the community (family and friends) is required to order to continue the levels of Dr. Usui's Reiki traditional methods. Thirty hours of voluntary service are required using the traditional Rieki method of Dr. Usui.

First Level

One will learn the self-treatment, treatment of others, animals, and plants. One will know the fundamentals and benefits of Reiki.

To continue your studies at the next levels, you have to spend 21 days of self-treatment and purification, and show your certificate of the completed course.

Second Level

One will learn the Reiki symbols, which provide protection. One has to maximize his/her energy, help to achieve an equilibrium of fear, phobias, and addictions. One has to send energy to distances and harmonize with the environment, one has to learn to set goals and work with the abundance available.

To continue your studies, you have to show your level two certificate and satisfactorily conclude your 21 days of practice.

Third Level Or Personal Mastery

One implements the strength of the Reiki energy and the potentiality of the taught symbols at the second level. One learns the usage of crystals and gems. One also calls it personal mastery because the next level will bring you to Reiki Mastery and you can continue your studies when finishing 21 days of self-healing and when you show your certificate indicating completion of the third level. With Mastery, you learn techniques to teach all levels of the Usui Traditional Method and the Tibetan Method if you promise to continue spreading Reiki for the benefit of all Humanity.

OTHER REIKI METHODS that are spread Karuna

A quick reply to your needs. It helps us to solve pending topics to re-discover our dreams and
establish contact with the essence with a purer life. You receive the strength of more symbols and the company of high vibrations. You also learn it in three levels and the corresponding Mastery. It is not required to reach mastery in Reiki, only to have a certificate at the third level of Usui.


It is one of the oldest ramifications of Reiki, which take us to the origin of Reiki. With this method, you receive the synthesis with the spiritual strength of the heartfelt teaching of Usui. It is taught to the student after the third level of Reiki Usui, but it is not necessary to be a Reiki Master.


Individual treatments with Reiki sessions (for any sickness or only anti-stress).
Treatment of pets.
Treatment at a distance.
Harmonizing places.
Group meditation with Reiki symbols, Wednesday at 7:30 PM.




I will help you get
the results you want!

Call for training information!

Sarah Urrutia
Reiki Master Certified